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The Atheist’s Guide to European Churches

Hey, not everybody likes to go to church.  I certainly didn’t when I was a kid and they made me go.  So what am I doing as an adult, flying halfway across the world to stand around in churches?

Good question.

Fact is, much of Europe’s cultural history is reflected, and often embodied, in these structures.  And not just the grand cathedrals either.  Odd little chapels, macabre ossuaries, and humbly elegant stave churches all have stories to tell.  And while there is much, much more to modern Europe than dusty old stories and touristy basilicas, no visit to the dear old continent is really complete without dropping in on, and understanding, at least of few of Europe’s more interesting churches.  Even people openly hostile to religion can have a good time, and learn a thing or two in the process.


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