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Varenna, Verona, qual è la differenza?

Geography time! Varenna is on Lake Como and has houses like this: And Verona is on the river Adige and has buildings like this: That’s Verona’s amphitheater, which is older than god Rome’s Colosseum. Unlike its more famous counterpart, Verona’s amphitheater also has the distinction of having been in continuous use since its construction in … Continue reading »

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La Dolce Vita in the Polish York Surprises, surprises, and more surprises. “Travel is fatal to prejudice,” Samuel Clemens once wrote, and, while good ol’ Sam had broader topics in mind, his quote is applicable to more mundane matters. My image of Poland, for instance. Previous to coming here, the word Poland brought to mind: Chicago … Continue reading »

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Beware of the Burčák

Finding something new in Moravia This, ladies and gentlemen, is why we here at travel. To bring you delightful, and delightfully weird, things from around the world. We are proud to present to you a few things in Štramberk, a tiny city in eastern Czech Republic. Historically, this area was known as Moravia (the … Continue reading »

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Why I don’t love Prague (even though I really want to)

Don’t get me wrong–I don’t hate Prague. I don’t even dislike it. It’s just that I can’t love it, and that’s really, really frustrating, because I really, really want to love it. It is the world capital of Art Nouveau, and I love Art Nouveau. It has this: And streets like this: And a skyline like this: … Continue reading »

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Cheap Thrills

You know how it is: no matter how high you can get, there will always be the time you have to come down.  First, some traveling essentials: Time to say goodbye to Murren and the very nice people at the Hotel Alpenblick. It’s time to make the trek — by foot, no less! — to … Continue reading »

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The Top of Europe

Well, not really.  Switzerland’s Jungfraujoch region calls itself “The Top of Europe” but Mount Blanc, in France, is the highest point in Europe at 4,810 m (15,781 ft).  Jungfrau clocks in at a relatively measly 3,471 m (11,388 ft), but there is publicly accessible transport up to it.  Basically it’s the highest point in Europe you can buy a … Continue reading »

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The ghosts of war

The enemy? His sense of duty was no less than yours, I deem. You wonder what his name is, where he came from. And if he was really evil at heart. What lies or threats led him on this long march from home. If he would not rather have stayed there in peace. Well, this … Continue reading »

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Quick update

We made it to Mount St. Michel, all is well but Internet access blows so more later. Much to tell but it must wait for tomorrow. Ciao for now!

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In which Travel Buddy saves the day

On the metro today, Travel Buddy thwarted a gang of pickpockets. Four teenage girls, moving in a pack, started to crowd the area of the train right by the doors. I was suspicious when I saw them coming towards us, and more suspicious when they started their press. The oldest (and presumably the lead) tried … Continue reading »

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