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Varenna, Verona, qual è la differenza?

Posted by on 06/29/2016

Geography time! Varenna is on Lake Como and has houses like this:


And Verona is on the river Adige and has buildings like this:


That’s Verona’s amphitheater, which is older than god Rome’s Colosseum. Unlike its more famous counterpart, Verona’s amphitheater also has the distinction of having been in continuous use since its construction in the year 14 A.D. How’s that for getting your money’s worth? Modern builders, take note.

Verona has a lot going for it — fashion, markets, fantastico gelato, all that — but Varenna, in its faded glory, is where I’d rather live. Impossibly narrow lanes, still-spectacular-after-all-this-time villas, friendly bars, and, the showpiece of it all, Lago di Como, add up. Aperitivo in hand, standing on a balcony over the stormy waters, looking across the lake to Bellagio, you feel like Byron or Shelly. An accordion drifts across the water, calling you.

It’s nice, is what I’m saying. Unbelievably, though, this country gets better. More on that later. Ciao for now!

One Response to Varenna, Verona, qual è la differenza?

  1. Joseph Haren

    We can understand why you say you don’t want to come back! If you stay, please get a place with in-law quarters? Love forever from the Old People